Ned’s and Bill’s talk on Self-Propelled Learning at Whitman High was a hit with the 250 who attended from our school community and beyond. Their kernels (bushels?) of wisdom clearly landed in fertile soil: Over and over, I heard “thank yous” and compliments for the presentation. And they were ultra-generous to stay afterward speaking with enthusiastic “groupies” hungry for more of their practical, reassuring, and empowering advice for how students and their families can be more motivated and happier with themselves and one another.

Ned’s previous talk at Whitman, “Parents Helping Children Overcome Stress and Succeed,” was likewise well received. Both parents and students in attendance praised the mix of anecdotes and social science that got at the heart of questions about studying, sleep, and high schoolers’ well being.
— Mandy Katz, Whitman parent and event organizer
The lecture you and Ned gave last spring was the best talk I have ever heard – about anything. I just wish I could have heard it five years ago. I think I would have had a much better relationship with my older son.
— M.M., mother of two teenage boys
The presentation was terrific. Interesting concepts and I am actively working on ceding more control to the boys. For dinner tonight, we’re having burgers and fries in front of the X-Box. ;-) Seriously, though, we are contemplating and discussing just how much happier one feels when he or she feels at least a small degree of control.
— Sidwell Friends School Parent
"This dynamic pair gives a top-notch presentation filled with useful, and uplifting advice and insights that have directly benefitted me as a teacher and parent”. 
-- Colin O’Brien, Social Studies Teacher, Walt Whitman High School